What To Do In Wilsonville OR Whether You Are Local Or On Vacation

Wilsonville OR is home to some nice things to do, including a place called World of Speed. Serving the community with pride is the motto for the city, so Wilsonville sounds like a great place to live, too. Whether you plan to live in the city or are visiting, you will want to know what to do in Wilsonville, Oregon. Check out these things to do, and then you can enjoy your time in Clackamas County.

World of Speed is first up on the list, and it is located at 27490 SW 95th Avenue. It is said to be a great museum that features muscle cars and has a great children’s area. There are also Indy cars, and reviews say there is an all around great variety. Racing enthusiasts and car buffs are going to really enjoy this place, but you don’t have to fit into those groups to really like World of Speed.

This next place is a fun center and a restaurant. It is called Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant. The establishment is located at 29111 SW Town Center Loop West, and it is certainly a great place to take the kids. There are go karts, batting cages, video games, laser tag, mini golf, a zip line and more. Plus Bullwinkle’s Restaurant is on site, too, for when you get hungry. Bumper boats are also available, and there are actually two mini golf courses.

If you happen to take a ball in the mouth in the batting cages at the Family Fun Center or break a tooth on a popcorn cornel then you need a dentist asap.  Gates Family Dentistry Of Wilsonville is right down the street from the Family Fun Center.  All you have to do is hop in the car and you will be there in 2 minutes.  Or you could even walk because the office is right down the street.  If you need the best Wilsonville Dentist then just go to the heart of Wilsonville and you’ll find Gates Family Dentistry.

Graham Oaks Nature Park is on 11825 SW Wilsonville Road. This park is said to be quite beautiful with areas for walking and enjoying nature. Graham Oaks Nature Park is also great for biking, and reviews also talk about bird watching. The park is a total of 230 acres, and it offers free admission. It is something to do outdoors in Wilsonville OR that doesn’t cost any money, and it is also a pet friendly park.

Do you like visiting breweries? Vanguard Brewery is located at 27501 SW 95th Avenue, and it is a place that offers really good stouts. There are certain things to eat on site, too, snack foods. Plus, reviews mention that there are places that will deliver food and that the brewery keeps menus to show people specifically for that purpose. Plus, there are TVs there for you to enjoy as well.

You might also want to visit the Barn Owl Nursery. Plus, there is Carabella Vineyard. A relaxing trip to the vineyard and a wine tasting sounds quite cool, don’t you think? The staff at Carabella Vineyard is said to be quite friendly, too. And then the is Wilsonville Lanes where you can go bowling.

Boxwood Garden, Memorial Park and The Oregon Wine Garden are three more popular places of interest that you can visit while in the city. You certainly know what to do in Wilsonville OR now. Why short yourself on activities when you have now been privy to the best things to do. Enjoy those adventures, and see if you can find another hidden gem or two while there.

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