What Causes Cavities to Form?

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Despite what you may have perceived as a child, cavities are not the direct eating of the tooth by bacteria or sugar. In fact, your Wilsonville dentist may surprise some by saying each alone has little direct affect on the teeth. However, when combined, they create the deadly cavity forming substance – acid! When bacteria…

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A thank you and welcome from Dr. Gates!

Wilsonville Dental Office

Dear Patients and Friends, Thank you to all who attended the open house, and to those I have met at the office already. You have all been so kind – I feel very welcomed! What a pleasure it has been meeting and visiting with each of you. To those I have not yet met, I…

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Healthy teeth, healthy life!

family dentist in Wilsonville

As your family dentist in Wilsonville, Dr. Denise Gates wants all of her patients to enjoy a lifetime of quality oral and overall health. While many of our patients at Gates Family Dentistry know that brushing daily offers a variety of benefits – such as fresher breath and a lowered risk of gum disease and…

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