OUCH! What’s the Deal With Sensitive Teeth

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Does a sip of coffee make you wince? Have you been avoiding cold treats like ice cream because you don’t want to deal with the pain? Sensitive teeth can make even the toughest of us let out an “OUCH!” and have us thinking twice about whether to reach for a hot or cold drink, where…

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Afraid of the Dentist? Fear not!

A plan to manage anxiety goes a long way with dental visits Not many people enjoy visits to the dentist. Fortunately, we as dentists understand this and strive to create a friendly, relaxing environment for our patients. As your Wilsonville family dentist, I am trained in handling fearful patients and offer a variety of methods and treatments to…

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Oral Cancer Screenings an Important Part of Dental Care

Wilsonville dentist reviews

At Gates Family Dentistry, our Wilsonville dentist reviews each of our patients’ health records to determine his or her risk of oral cancer as part of our patient evaluation process. That’s because oral cancer screening has become a key component in protecting our patients’ long-term health. However, many of our patients are surprised that a…

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Continuing Our Look at the Causes of Cavities

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Let’s continue the discussion on decay we started last month as our Wilsonville dentist reviews the factors that play a role in getting cavities and preventing cavities. In our last post, Dr. Gates discussed bacteria and diet as two very important factors in decay. Now, let’s look at the role hygiene, saliva and additional protective factors play in the…

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