Best Places To Eat In Wilsonville Oregon

Want to find the best places to eat at while visiting Wilsonville?

The locals will offer a plethora of restaurants to choose from but there are three that are going to stand out and offer value. Here are the three main restaurants that are well-regarded and bring a brilliant elegance to your time spent eating.

Keep these restaurants in mind while deciding on where to eat.

Oswego Grill (30080 SW Boones Ferry Rd)

It starts with Oswego Grill because it is one of a kind and a beautiful restaurant.

Wilsonville has many restaurants that offer great grilled meals but this is right at the top. If you are looking for a good plate of steaks, you will know this is the restaurant to go to. It is a reputable choice with some of the finest food in town.

The simplicity of its setup and how it emphasizes quality is what makes it impressive. You will not want to leave after entering Oswego Grill. It is going to appeal to you. Its comfortable aura will ensure you feel right at home as soon as you sit down.

Abella Italian Kitchen (8309 SW Main St #200)

Italian food is always going to come back to one restaurant in Wilsonville and that is Abella Italian Kitchen.

This is an upscale location that is the perfect “fine dining” option in the heart of the area. You will be able to book a reservation and enjoy the beautiful location. It is one of the best restaurants in the state and has earned praise for its brilliance.

Whether it is the exceptional food or the staff, you will enjoy every moment of it as soon as you order from the robust menu.

Dar Essalam (29585 SW Park Pl # A)

Moroccan food is mesmerizing and is going to hit all the right notes when it comes to your taste buds. For locals in Wilsonville, this is the best Morrocan food on offer and it is an experience worth being a part of.

It is exciting and something you are going to enjoy.

Whether it is the nice staff, cozy setting, or the dedicated chef, it is a bonanza of positives as soon as you walk through the front door. Dar Essalam is a winner and one of the best places to eat in the area.

These are the best places to eat for those who are going to be spending time in Wilsonville and want to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. Those who are tired of spending their funds on the wrong option and want to visit the best places to eat can have this on their list right away. These are places that are going to produce the best results and make it an experience you are not going to regret. Enjoy these places to eat and know they are going to be delicious. Take your time knowing the food will be good and the service even better!

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