Afraid of the Dentist? Fear not!

Not many people enjoy visits to the dentist. Fortunately, we as dentists understand this and strive to create a friendly, relaxing environment for our patients. As your Wilsonville family dentist, I am trained in handling fearful patients and offer a variety of methods and treatments to help reduce this stress.Patients who have a lot of anxiety about an exam or procedure need to communicate these fears to their dentist and staff. By being aware of your concerns, we can create a plan to manage each persons’ anxiety. I find sometimes all it takes is explanation of the procedure and what to expect.

I like to:

  • Take the time to explain the procedure and materials used.
  • Make sure that the patient knows what they will soon feel and for how long.
  • I give patient cues to inform me if they are uncomfortable or need me to stop prior to starting any work
  • I encourage patients to listen to their favorite music or radio during the procedure to aid in stress reduction.
  • Use sedation methods where indicated for patients who need it.

We will create a stress reduction management plan for you!

No two people are the same and no plan for dental anxiety management will be the same. Simply inform us next time you are in and we will work to create the ideal stress reduction management plan catered to your needs. I take great pleasure seeing patients leave my Wilsonville family dentist office feeling good about their visit and, most importantly, with a smile that helps them feel their best.